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Habakkuk 3:9

ESV You stripped the sheath from your bow, calling for many arrows. Selah You split the earth with rivers.
NIV You uncovered your bow, you called for many arrows. You split the earth with rivers;
NASB You removed Your bow from its holder, The arrows of Your word were sworn. Selah You divided the earth with rivers.
CSB You took the sheath from your bow; the arrows are ready to be used with an oath. Selah You split the earth with rivers.
NLT You brandished your bow and your quiver of arrows. You split open the earth with flowing rivers.
KJV Thy bow was made quite naked, according to the oaths of the tribes, even thy word. Selah. Thou didst cleave the earth with rivers.

What does Habakkuk 3:9 mean?

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