Habakkuk 2:9 Parallel Verses [⇓ See commentary ⇓]

Habakkuk 2:9, NIV: Woe to him who builds his house by unjust gain, setting his nest on high to escape the clutches of ruin!

Habakkuk 2:9, ESV: “Woe to him who gets evil gain for his house, to set his nest on high, to be safe from the reach of harm!

Habakkuk 2:9, KJV: Woe to him that coveteth an evil covetousness to his house, that he may set his nest on high, that he may be delivered from the power of evil!

Habakkuk 2:9, NASB: 'Woe to him who makes evil profit for his household, To put his nest on high, To be saved from the hand of catastrophe!

Habakkuk 2:9, NLT: 'What sorrow awaits you who build big houses with money gained dishonestly! You believe your wealth will buy security, putting your family's nest beyond the reach of danger.

Habakkuk 2:9, CSB: Woe to him who dishonestly makes wealth for his house to place his nest on high, to escape the grasp of disaster!

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