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Ezra 7:20

ESV And whatever else is required for the house of your God, which it falls to you to provide, you may provide it out of the king’s treasury.
NIV And anything else needed for the temple of your God that you are responsible to supply, you may provide from the royal treasury.
NASB And the rest of the needs of the house of your God, for which it may be incumbent upon you to provide, provide for them from the royal treasury.
CSB You may use the royal treasury to pay for anything else needed for the house of your God.
NLT If you need anything else for your God’s Temple or for any similar needs, you may take it from the royal treasury.
KJV And whatsoever more shall be needful for the house of thy God, which thou shalt have occasion to bestow, bestow it out of the king's treasure house.

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