Esther 8:14 Parallel Verses [⇓ See commentary ⇓]

Esther 8:14, NIV: "The couriers, riding the royal horses, went out, spurred on by the king's command, and the edict was issued in the citadel of Susa."

Esther 8:14, ESV: "So the couriers, mounted on their swift horses that were used in the king’s service, rode out hurriedly, urged by the king’s command. And the decree was issued in Susa the citadel."

Esther 8:14, KJV: "So the posts that rode upon mules and camels went out, being hastened and pressed on by the king's commandment. And the decree was given at Shushan the palace."

Esther 8:14, NASB: "The couriers, hurrying and speeded by the king’s command, left, riding on the royal relay horses; and the decree was issued at the citadel in Susa."

Esther 8:14, NLT: "So urged on by the king's command, the messengers rode out swiftly on fast horses bred for the king's service. The same decree was also proclaimed in the fortress of Susa."

Esther 8:14, CSB: "The couriers rode out in haste on their royal horses at the king's urgent command. The law was also issued in the fortress of Susa."

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