Ecclesiastes 8:2 Parallel Verses [⇓ See commentary ⇓]

Ecclesiastes 8:2, NIV: Obey the king's command, I say, because you took an oath before God.

Ecclesiastes 8:2, ESV: I say: Keep the king’s command, because of God’s oath to him.

Ecclesiastes 8:2, KJV: I counsel thee to keep the king's commandment, and that in regard of the oath of God.

Ecclesiastes 8:2, NASB: I say, 'Keep the command of the king because of the oath before God.

Ecclesiastes 8:2, NLT: Obey the king since you vowed to God that you would.

Ecclesiastes 8:2, CSB: Keep the king's command because of your oath made before God.

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