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2 Corinthians 8:16

ESV But thanks be to God, who put into the heart of Titus the same earnest care I have for you.
NIV Thanks be to God, who put into the heart of Titus the same concern I have for you.
NASB But thanks be to God who puts the same earnestness in your behalf in the heart of Titus.
CSB Thanks be to God, who put the same concern for you into the heart of Titus.
NLT But thank God! He has given Titus the same enthusiasm for you that I have.
KJV But thanks be to God, which put the same earnest care into the heart of Titus for you.

What does 2 Corinthians 8:16 mean?

After urging the Corinthians to follow through on their commitment to contribute to a collection for the Christians in Jerusalem, Paul turns to describing those coming to help arrange it. He begins with Titus, who has just recently returned from Corinth. The Corinthians know and, apparently, appreciate Titus. Paul ensures them again that the feeling is mutual. In fact, Paul thanks God for putting into Titus' heart the same deep concern for them that he himself has for them. In other words, Paul is saying that Titus is coming to help with the collection out of a genuine sense of care for the Corinthians and not as a glorified errand boy.

It's a fascinating idea, though, that God would put earnest concern for a specific group of people into someone's heart. Titus' feelings for the Corinthians was more than natural, Paul insisted. It was given by God, meaning God was responsible for sending Titus to see them again so soon. Christian missionaries and ministers often express feeling like God has put love for a specific people group on their hearts, as well.
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