What does Psalm 109:27 mean?
ESV: Let them know that this is your hand; you, O LORD, have done it!
NIV: Let them know that it is your hand, that you, LORD, have done it.
NASB: And may they know that this is Your hand; You, Lord, have done it.
CSB: so they may know that this is your hand and that you, Lord, have done it.
NLT: Let them see that this is your doing, that you yourself have done it, Lord.
KJV: That they may know that this is thy hand; that thou, LORD, hast done it.
NKJV: That they may know that this is Your hand— That You, Lord, have done it!
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The book of Psalms is composed of individual songs, hymns, or poems, each of which is a ''Psalm'' in and of itself. These works contain a wide variety of themes. Some Psalms focus on praising and worshipping God. Others cry out in anguish over the pain of life. Still other Psalms look forward to the coming of the Messiah. While some Psalms are related, each has its own historical and biblical context.
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