What does Ezekiel 18:11 mean?
ESV: (though he himself did none of these things), who even eats upon the mountains, defiles his neighbor’s wife,
NIV: (though the father has done none of them): 'He eats at the mountain shrines. He defiles his neighbor's wife.
NASB: (though he himself did not do any of these things), that is, he even eats at the mountain shrines, and defiles his neighbor’s wife,
CSB: though the father has done none of them. Indeed, when the son eats at the mountain shrines and defiles his neighbor's wife,
NLT: And that son does all the evil things his father would never do — he worships idols on the mountains, commits adultery,
KJV: And that doeth not any of those duties, but even hath eaten upon the mountains, and defiled his neighbour's wife,
NKJV: And does none of those duties, But has eaten on the mountains Or defiled his neighbor’s wife;
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