What does Amos 6:13 mean?
ESV: you who rejoice in Lo-debar, who say, “Have we not by our own strength captured Karnaim for ourselves?”
NIV: you who rejoice in the conquest of Lo Debar and say, 'Did we not take Karnaim by our own strength?'
NASB: You who rejoice in Lodebar, And say, 'Have we not by our own strength taken Karnaim for ourselves?'
CSB: you who rejoice over Lo-debar and say, "Didn't we capture Karnaim for ourselves by our own strength? "
NLT: And you brag about your conquest of Lo-debar. You boast, 'Didn’t we take Karnaim by our own strength?'
KJV: Ye which rejoice in a thing of nought, which say, Have we not taken to us horns by our own strength?
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