What does 2 Kings 3:8 mean?
ESV: Then he said, “By which way shall we march?” Jehoram answered, “By the way of the wilderness of Edom.”
NIV: By what route shall we attack?' he asked. 'Through the Desert of Edom,' he answered.
NASB: Then he said, 'Which way shall we go up?' And he answered, 'The way of the wilderness of Edom.'
CSB: He asked, "Which route should we take? "He replied, "The route of the Wilderness of Edom."
NLT: Then Jehoshaphat asked, 'What route will we take?' 'We will attack from the wilderness of Edom,' Joram replied.
KJV: And he said, Which way shall we go up? And he answered, The way through the wilderness of Edom.
NKJV: Then he said, “Which way shall we go up?” And he answered, “By way of the Wilderness of Edom.”
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